II Present Simple Passive

Exercise 1

Matchthe words in the left and in the right column according to the pattern.

> Pattern: Gold is mined in Russia.

Use: the Present Simple Passive of the following verbs: to mine, to produce, to grow, to manufacture, to build, to make.





















The UK


Exercise 2

Make upquestions from the words given below according to the pattern. Then answer the questions.

> Pattern: Where/meals/to cook?

Where are meals cooked?

They are cooked in the kitchen.

1. Where/the patients/to operate on?

2. When/the exams/to take?

3. Where/English/to speak?

4. Where/English/to teach?

5. Where/Oriental languages/to teach?

6. Where/bread/to keep?

7. When/dinner/usually/to eat?

8. When/the children/to put to bed?

9. Where/books/to sell?

10. Where/newspapers/to print?

11. What/bottles/to make of?

12. Where/concerts/to hold?

13. What/bags/to make of?

14. When/the tests/to write?

15. What/furniture/to make of?

III. The Future Simple Passive

Exercise 1

Look at the following pictures and say what will happen on this island in a year or two. You may use the Future Simple Passive of the verbs: to build, to create, to drain (a marsh), to enlarge, to surround, to lay, to wipe out etc.

Exercise 2

Ask questions to the following sentences according to the pattern.

► Pattern: They will send Jane abroad.

When wilt she be sent abroad?

1. He will read the lecture on Dickens.

2. The milkman will bring milk.

3. His mother will bake the birthday cake.

4. His friends will give him a lot of presents.

5. The students will take their exams in room 305.

6. Someone will give you this book.

7. The painter will finish his picture soon.

8. They will certainly bring us this parcel.

9. They will explain this rule to you again.

10. She will give your money back to you.

11. They will look into your matter more carefully.

12. Sooner or later he will take notice of her.

13. They will put an end to this sort of practice.

14.Sooner or later they will agree upon some plan.

IV. The Present Progressive Passive

Exercise 1

Make up sentences describing what is being done now.

> Pattern:The hens/to feed/ту brother.

The hens are being fed by my brother.

1. The money/to count.

2. The windows/to clean/me.

3. The meal/to cook/in the kitchen.

4. The car/to fix/in the garage.

5. The grass/to cut.

6. The fence/to whitewash.

7. The student/to examine/in this room.

8. The patient/to operate on.

9. The road/to repair/the workmen.

10. The old castle/to reconstruct.

11. The dishes/to wash.

12. The wheat/to harvest.

13. The field/to plough.

14. The dog/to wash/its master.

15. A birthday cake/to make/in the kitchen.

16. The trees/to plant/in the yard.

17. A record/to play.

Exercise 2

Ask questions to the following sentences beginning with the words in brackets.

1. The tape-recorder is being fixed now. (What? What?)

2. Some record is being played. (What?)

3. The forms are being filled in by the tourists. (Whom ... by?)

4. The fire is being put out by the firemen. (Whom ...by?)

5. A new medicine is being tried at the hospital. (Where? What?)

6. The tourists are being shown around the city. (Who?)

7. A new road is being built not far from here. (What? Where?)

8. A lot of questions are still being asked about it. (Why? What... about?)

9. A new film is being shown on TV now. (What?)

Exercise 3

Imagine that you are walking in the street. What do you see? Make up sentences describing what is going on now.

► Use: the Present Progressive Passive.

> Pattern: Some car is being washed.